About Us

arts_logo2Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC, KeyMedia Public Relations opened its doors in 2008. The firm  is known for its client diversity with their focus in arts & entertainment, health & wellness, and non-profit. The company strives to increase visibility and opportunities for their clients, always with the intention to deliver outstanding results.

The company is owned and run by Denise Marsa who is also world renowned for her work as a singer/songwriter. She started her work in public relations out of necessity. After recording  her solo album SELF on her own label KeyMedia Group – she had no budget to hire a PR person. So she jumped in as the air play increased and the distribution began. Soon others started hiring her for their own campaigns. In 2008 Denise started KeyMedia Public Relations.

health-wellness.pngClients have included: Dr. Kela Henry, Egmont Publishers, Robert Herman, Renowned NYC Street Photographer, Diana Broussard, Designer, Pascal Rioult Dance, City of West Hollywood, Stephanie Castillo, Director of the Award Winning Film, Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song, and Simon & Schuster.

In June of 2016, writer and editor Maryanne Bertollo joined KMPR as a valued associate.

In 2010 Denise Marsa Productions was started to house the production work in A & V and live productions that the company is involved with on behalf of their clients. Marsa is also known for mentoring, producing and managing new music talent. She helped to launch the careers of Christopher Dallman, Rachel Millman and has been working with singer, songwriter & keyboardist Nicole Berke since 2009.

KMPR believes behind every “no” is a “yes” – just waiting to be challenged.