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2018 News!

PUSH YOUR BOOK division is new to KMPR. Check out this great 10 step program to help you get your manuscript in front of an agent. Get Your Book to An Agent in 10 Easy Steps–KeyMedia Public Relations Announces PUSH YOUR BOOK 

THE PASS by Denise Marsa Live Performance trailer is now on YouTube! Click here to watch!  We need your help with spreading the word, so please share, comment and like!


2017 News!

Celebrating 2016: KeyMedia Public Relations Achieves Banner Year

New York, New York (Tuesday, December 27, 2016) – For a small company to fulfill big intentions you have to pick the right clients, create the best strategies and content, and target the audiences you feel will bring your clients’ work to the forefront. In 2016 KeyMedia Public Relations had the opportunity to work with photographer Robert Herman in promoting his second book THE PHONE BOOK (Schiffer Publishing) as well as his first self-published book THE NEW YORKERS (Proof Positive Press); THOMAS CHAPIN: NIGHT BIRD SONG from Oleana Media and Stephanie Castillo; and Dr. Kela Henry, family practitioner, speaker and author. (Read full release)


Client Showcase:  1.26.17 Robert Herman, Capturing The Vibrancy of 1980s

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